Market indication; willingness to go both ways ( buy or sell) at the mentioned volume and market. print; up on the ticker tape, confirming that the trade has been executed. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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up up [ʌp] adverb
if a computer, machine etc is up, it is working normally and not broken:

• Is the network up now?

— opposite down1

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up UK US /ʌp/ adverb
towards a higher value, number, or level: »

Share prices moved up slowly yesterday.


Pushing the number of unit sales up every quarter can't be continued indefinitely.

if a level or amount is up, it has increased: »

The cost of insurance is up quite a lot this year.

up 5%, 20%, etc. on sth »

Last year the company's turnover was up 3% on the previous year.

in a state of being together with other similar things: »

Add up the column of figures.

to an end or state of being complete: »

Finish up this report before you leave tonight.


I'd like to wind up the meeting by thanking you for coming.

up for sth — Cf. up for sth
up to sth — Cf. up to sth
up UK US /ʌp/ adjective [after verb] IT
if a computer, system, etc. is up, it is operating normally: »

The system is up again, so we have to get back to work.


Do you know when the network will be up again?

Compare DOWN(Cf. ↑down) adjective
up and running — Cf. up and running
up UK US /ʌp/ noun
on the up (and up) — Cf. on the up and up
on the up and up — Cf. on the up and up
ups and downs — Cf. ups and downs
up UK US /ʌp/ verb [T] (-pp-) INFORMAL
to increase something such as a price: »

We won't be able to make a profit on the deal without upping the sale price.


It looks like tax rates are going to be upped again.

See also UP THE ANTE(Cf. ↑up the ante)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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